CARRY™ CRUSH: Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt


Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt holding up her new book.Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt is a mom of two, ages 2.5 and 8 months old, and married to one of our favorite actors – Chris Pratt!  Katherine shares a little peek into her life as a mom and a little advice too!


Describe being a working mom in one word?


What was – or continues to be – the most surprising thing about being a working mom? What has taken you off guard?

How many things you can be thinking of while working that have nothing to do with work, like mapping out the rest of your day or week, thinking about the logistics, etc. and who you might call on from your village to help.


How has motherhood changed your priorities?

I am really specific about what I do with my time. If it is something that will take me away from my family or take me away from a bedtime routine, I want to make sure it is something that I think is awesome and special. I find myself being very particular about who I choose to spend my time with too, meaning what kind of energy people are giving off and how that impacts me and what kind of energy and vibe I bring home to my girls. 


How does being a working mom impact your kids – positively or negatively, or both?

I think its great for my kids to see me working AND it’s time that I would be spending with them so my older daughter loves coming into my office and watching me at my computer. She has a little keyboard she types on while I type on mine. She also loves drawing in my notebook and being a part of the “office” life.


Do you struggle with mom guilt?

Of course! I think everyone does. I always just try to remind myself that there is a balance and I am trying to figure that out. I also always try to remind myself of my mom working when I was little and traveling and how much I loved watching her in her office and going to work with her. I am so close to my mom and she worked my whole childhood and balanced it with being a very hands on and present mom so the balance can be done, but it doesn’t mean that’s easy. I have vivid memories of me going into my mom’s office when I was little and seeing her type and take calls at her desk while pumping for my youngest brother. I would come in her office and watch her do all of this while handing me a coloring book so I could color next to her and I love those memories. I never felt neglected or not paid attention to, so I try and remember that when the guilt creeps in.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a working mom who’s in the thick of it all right now?

I would tell her to be gentle with herself and breathe. It goes by so fast and there are hard moments and great moments, but you will look back on them one day and wish you had parts of them. When I wake up multiple times at night and am exhausted, I try to remember that one day they will be older and won’t want to sleep in bed with me or won’t want me to come in there room at night.  So I try to be really present in feeling and experiencing everything. 

In what ways – if any – do you think simply being a mom makes a woman an ideal employee, leader or teamate?

The multitasking factor! Moms think about a million things at all times and get it all done. It is WILD! 

What is one thing you can’t live without?

My family.

Working moms get – on average – 14 free minutes a day.  When you find those, what do you do with them?

Look at picture or videos of my kids!

Who is a mom you admire?

My own mother. She balanced it all and still does, making it look so effortless.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Another set of arms…and more time!

Last show you binged or watched?

I couldn’t tell you! I stopped watching so many things when I became a mom.  I think with young kids, finding time to do that can be hard when you’d rather go to sleep!

Most embarrassing thing your purse?

Cheddar bunnies!

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