#myworkingmomstory | Audra Leichleiter

Audra Leichleiter is a mom of two young girls who stay at home with her while she juggles web and graphic design from a farm! 

Are your kids in school? Daycare? Who cares for them What keeps your plate full these days?

My two young girls (5 & 2) have stayed home with me while I work from home, but since we live 30’ from my parents, on their farm, they frequently go to my mom’s house (where her hair salon is in the basement) and visit her and have “coffee” with her hair clients.

I am a web and graphic designer for regular clients and I do photography as well. One client is a non-profit whom I do a lot of office work for and organize large events and fundraisers for (KAMO, Inc.)

Do you work because you want to, need to, or some combination of both? What’s your honest answer to the question, “Why do you work?” 

I work because can’t afford not having my added income for the family budget but also because I enjoy my clients and feeling needed, however I’m hoping to get my masters so I can teach at the college level in my 40s!

What does your day to day look like?

I work different hours each day but they usually include computer hours, homeschooling my kindergartner, and housework.

How does being a working mom impact your kids — either positively or negatively?

My oldest mentions often, “I wish you didn’t have to work.” But I take breaks a lot to play board/card games, paint with her, ride horses, go for walks, do the chores, etc. In the summer I work outside on our deck while they play in the sandbox or jump on the trampoline.

What holds the biggest tension in trying to manage everything?

Mom guilt! I hate not being able to play with the girls more but I love listening to them play with each other. I also know my youngest (a 32 week Preemie) has extra needs and is a little harder to keep content so I hate not being able to cuddle her more when she needs it.

What’s one resource that would make your life easier?

The ability to only need 5-6 hours of sleep. Or just a little bigger space to live and work in.

How would you encourage other working moms who are overwhelmed?

Don’t quit! Trading time for money is just that often we have to choose time or money. I may regret purchasing some thing but I will never regret time I have spent with my family.

Any last words for working moms?

Every year I evaluate if staying home and working here is worth it. And every year I keep telling myself I will never get these years back with my children. I could put them in daycare and go work outside the home for a few thousand more. But most of that money will be spent just on daycare and we really won’t have much else to show for it. So I keep pressing on and try to come up with more entrepreneurial ways to make more money while staying/working at home!

I also need to mention my dog- Kona. She’s a yellow lab who has been by my side for the past 11 years. She has been my emotional therapy, saving me from the abusive marriage I was in 10 years ago. Kona has kept me alive, and was my rock for that horrible marriage. 



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