Free Resources for Working Moms

We’re not about to promise you the silver bullet to work-life balance or somehow help you figure out how to do it all — but this list of FREE resources for working moms? We like to think it’s our way of saying, “Here — let us carry some of the load for you.”

Whether you need help framing the conversation as you ask for a raise — or you just need some fresh dinner ideas — we’ve got you covered, mama.

This is your personal guide from CARRY™ founder and working mom advocate, Paula Faris, on how to identify mom guilt and combat it.

The reality is whether you have to work or need to work…or maybe you fall somewhere in between – often, we dream about how to scale back but don’t know how to do it.

If you struggle with setting and keeping boundaries (at work or home) — this guide was
created with you in mind.

Take the stress out of dinner without breaking the bank. Get instant access to a week’s worth of dinners you can make in 14-minutes or less.

Ready to kick burnout to the curb? This life-changing 6-minute video will help you ditch
burnout once and for all.

If you are ready to get back into the workforce, this guide will help you navigate your re-
entry in ways that work for you and your family.

Use this guide as your cheat sheet to help you prep for the whole “asking for a raise” conversation and as your road map to getting paid what you’re worth.

If you are getting ready to tell your boss you’re pregnant, this conversation is for you. BUT it’s not just for women who are looking to become pregnant or women who are pregnant — it’s important to the workplace at large.

Thinking about stepping back or stepping down? This guide will help give you peace of
mind knowing you’ve covered all your bases and are making a wise decision before taking a career break.

The ultimate guide to juggling working mom life this summer — filled with rhythms to help save your sanity and help you savor the lazy (and fun!) days of summer.