Mom on the Move: Dr. Omonye Phillips

Dr. Omonye Phillips is a VP at major retail drug store, founder of Omosilk and is mom to to a 7, 5 and 2 year old.


Why do you work?

I’m passionate about leadership and my super power is in empowering and up-leveling people to be better everyday which translates to better results in all their endeavors. I’m grateful for having a job that helps me live in my purpose. I also love to create and find solutions to problems that I may have. My search for the best fabric and accessories for my kids who suffered from eczema and hair loss led me to start my newest business called Omosilk.

What keeps your plate full these days?

As a VP at Rite Aid, I oversee the pharmacy operations of greater than 160 stores in California. I am also the founder of Omosilk which is a brand that focuses on healthy hair and skin accessories for newborns and beyond.

What does your day-to-day look like?

My day starts with my morning routine of waking up at 5am at the latest, doing my prayer, meditation and journaling first. I try to exercise every other day. It is important that I do these things before my kids wake up because they help with setting my day off to a great start. Thankfully, my two older kids know how to get ready by themselves in the morning so my husband and I only have to worry about getting our 2 year old ready. After the kids eat, we drop them off at school/daycare and go about our days.

How does being a working mom impact your kids — either positively or negatively?

It impacts them positively because they see what I do and the impact that I have on my community and teams as a pharmacist and entrepreneur.

Sometimes, work has caused me to miss some important events, games and that can be tough but I always try to keep communication lines open and let them know why I may not be able to attend an event. Most times, they understand (I think!)

What holds the biggest tension in trying to manage everything?

Finding childcare and getting meals ready are two difficult things for me to do. Thankfully, our church community is amazing and have been helpful with childcare and as for meals, we arrange for them to get meals at school and when they are home, I order food if need be.

What’s one resource that would make your life easier?

Someone to fully handle healthy meals preparation for my kids on a daily basis.

How would you encourage other working moms who are overwhelmed and in the thick of it?

Pray a lot and allot time to take care of you. I know it can be difficult when you have little kids but be selfish and carve out time for self-care and rest. The more recharged you are, the more you can give back to your kids.

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