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Bridget Reed is a the Head of Content for GR0 and full time work from home mom of 3 (6, 4 and 2 years old).

Why do you work?

So this is interesting! When I had my first child I started working from home doing live chat and at one point thought I would be happy doing that for the rest of my life because I was so grateful to be home with my kids and getting to work. However, 4 years in I was still doing the same thing. I was getting bored and wanted to bring more to the table financially. In some ways, I think I was looking to be challenged unknowingly but the drive to do more was there.  I’ve learned that being a work-from-home mom doesn’t limit my capabilities and level of success. To answer this question I work because I need to for my own self-growth (cue the mom guilt for saying that… Feels selfish) and I want to because I enjoy it and am truly invested in GR0 and what we do.

What keeps your plate full these days?

Is this a trick question? Lol! My kids keep my plate full :) However, when I’m in work mode I’m very busy tending to my responsibilities at GR0. I have an entire team and department that relies on me and that I need to invest in. Their success and well-being is my top priority and as a result, the department and ultimately GR0 can continue to scale.

What does your day-to-day look like?

Days can vary depending on the time of year (Kids out of school for summer, my husbands work commitments in the fall, etc.) but right now what it looks like is I wake up at 5AM catch up on slack and emails, workout, catch up on more slacks and emails to make sure the day is starting fresh even do some meeting preps, then kids wake up and it’s getting them ready for school and dropping them off, come home and I’m in work mode. If my husband isn’t home and I have a lot on the agenda we’ll call in a babysitter. Lots of calls/meeting, computer work, slacks/emails, and a handful of break in between to get my daughter a snack and put her down for a nap if I’m with her by myself. Then there’s school pick up, back to work for a couple more hours, then sports and dinner in the evening, bedtime routine and then I’ll work from my phone more before I go to bed because I like to close everything out, make sure my west coast team members are doing ok and don’t need anything, and start the next day fresh. 

How does being a working mom impact your kids — either positively or negatively?

Positively! I think it’s really cool and important for them to see me working especially my oldest now that he understands. Of course, in the past, I’ve gotten questions about why mommy is working so much or they ask why they need to be quiet in their own house when mom is on a work call. Moments like that of course makes me feel bad but I believe kids are resilient and looking at the big picture, for moms that do have to work, it’s important that their kids can see them working hard and that being a mom and have a career is possible

What holds the biggest tension in trying to manage everything?

Mom-guilt 100% and then the ability to compartmentalize work and family life. When you work from home both of those things are so close that sometimes I find myself with my kids and family but my brain is at work and of course, that leads to mom guilt.

What’s one resource that would make your life easier?

I can’t think of a resource off the top of my head but instead, the first thing that comes to mind is someone to take care of the laundry and clean my house. More time would be good too all wishful thinking!

How would you encourage other working moms who are overwhelmed and in the thick of it?

I encourage other moms to not be so hard on themselves and to focus on being present when you’re working and present when you’re with the family (easier said than done- I know). Surround yourself with people who are cheering you on both professionally and personally because being a mom and having a career is possible! Do your best and keep giving it your all because you’re doing great :)

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