Suzie Devine, Binto vitamins and “Doing it All”

Suzie Devine is the founder and CEO of Binto, personalized women’s supplement company. She is also a wife and a mom to a 6-month old son.

Let’s get down to it — who cares for your kids so that you can work?

We do a mix of childcare that works with our flexible schedules. Right now, my son is with a nanny share 3-4 days a week, and then with his grandmother one day a week. Some weeks he is with me when I am working from home. I love the flexibility of my job that allows me extra time with him, but I am also so grateful we have access to childcare so I can work.

What keeps your plate full these days? What’s your job?

For the past six years, I have been building and running the women’s fem tech start-up, Binto. Between mom life and start-up life, my plate is overflowing these days.

Do you work because you want to, need to, or some combination of both?

I LOVE what I do, and I am very aware of my privilege to be able to do what I love. For many years I worked as a women’s health nurse. While I loved my patients, I knew I wanted more for my career. My dreams manifested with Binto. I’m still able to work in women’s health, but it’s on a much larger scale and incorporates more business/management day-to-day, which fits my skillset.

What does day to day look like and how do you juggle it all with kids? Walk us through your typical day.  

Alarm goes off by 6am. I hop out of bed, check my phone, do my morning skincare and then I get down stairs to fit in a quick Melissa Wood Health workout. Then I brew some coffee and wake the baby up by 7am. After he’s fed we head out the door for a walk with the dog, drop my son off with the sitter by 9am and then I book it to the office. I’m probably one of the few people left who loves going into an office to work, but the separation of work and home works best for me. After a busy day of work and meetings at Binto HQ – this usually involves everything from marketing, to inventory and operations to filming content – I head home and enjoy the evening with my family. But, being honest, I never really sign off work. Binto is my first baby after all!

How does being a working mom impact your kids – either positively or negatively?

I think working outside of the home makes me the best mom for my family. Work makes me happy, and I think being a happy parent is the best thing you can do for your child. It’s also a great balance for my husband. He’s very supportive of my work outside the home and we both get to share parenting responsibilities.

What holds the biggest tension for you in trying to manage everything?

I put a lot of pressure on myself to “do it all” and be everything to everyone all the time. I’m trying to work through what I can pull back on and what still needs my full attention. Right now I am thinking about stopping breastfeeding sooner than I planned because keeping up with all the pumping at work takes too much time and adds a layer of stress that I can’t handle right now. Moms do SO much!

What’s one thing or resource that, if you had, would make your working mom life easier? 

A live-in au pair and a personal assistant! My husband grew up with au pairs, and it sounds like an amazing experience for both the parents and children. I would also love to have an assistant one day for me at Binto.

How would you encourage other working moms who are overwhelmed? What would you say to someone who’s in your shoes?   

My mom said this same thing to me last week when I called her crying on my way back to my house after just getting to the office only to discover I left some of my pump parts at home. Mom brain, am I right? I would tell other moms to figure out what they can cut out that will make them feel better. I decided to start my weaning earlier than planned. It sucks, but I know for my mental load, it will help in the long term. I also speak up to my husband when I need him to do more. Speaking up is so much better than letting feelings fester.

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